Wild Cowboy Domination by Brit Blaise
ISBN: 1-60186-108-7
Reviewed by Delia



Rachel Benson’s sister, Helen, is missing. Her search leads her to Ray Wilde. He’s a hot bodied cowboy with a whole lot of secrets, not to mention the manacles in his fifth wheel.  Rachel will do just about anything to get the information she needs, even submit to this cowboy’s kinky sex play.

Ray Wilde is more than just your average cowboy. He really is a wolf in cowboy’s clothing. After a night of hot and unforgettable passion, Ray lets Rachel go, not knowing that their paths will cross again sooner than he thinks.  Getting involved with Rachel is the last thing he needs, but when her search for her missing sister puts her in danger, what’s a cowboy to do?  Can they handle the secrets that will be revealed?

Wild Cowboy Domination by Brit Blaise is an imaginative, not to mention steamy, read. Rachel and Ray both have major sex appeal that leaps off the pages.  This story has quite a few plot twists that keep the reader intrigued. A dash of domination with a healthy dose of paranormal makes this a fascinating and fulfilling story. Kudos to Brit!


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