When it Rains

When It Rains by Felicity Heaton
Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Nannette



Emily Anderson is standing in the rain on a New York City street when William approaches her.  Emily tells William about the miserable interview she just had at Thornton and Black in the building behind them, the same building William has come from.

William doesn’t want Emily to know what position he has in the company; he just wants to keep talking to the beauty he stumbled on in the rain.  William wants her and he always gets hat he wants.  When Emily finds out who William really is though, he may lose the woman he loves.

When It Rains is a very romantic story.  Emily is a sweetheart and William is a sexy Brit with a hard edge to him.  With a romance that develops sweetly and a lovely ending, romance readers will really enjoy this heartwarming story.      


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