Unbound by Lori Devoti
Silhouette Nocturne
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-0373617654
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



For over five hundred years, hellhound, Risk Leidolf, has been collared and chained in service to Lusse, a powerful, immortal and oftentimes cruel witch.  Unable to break the ropes that bind him to her, Risk has spent his lifetime doing her dirty work.  His current assignment is to find and bring to her a certain witch so that she can in turn take her power.  When Risk comes into contact with said witch, plans change because there is no way he is going to turn over someone like Kara Stone to someone like Lusse, especially when he finds out that Kara is a twin.

Kara Stone is looking for her twin sister who disappeared days ago.  Trying to get help at a bar she knows her sister frequented, Kara runs into brick walls when no one is willing to help her.  Undaunted, she vows to continue to look for Kelly, but her methods change just a bit when she comes into contact with Risk Leidolf.  Attracted to him when she knows she shouldn’t be, Kara does the unthinkable. She falls in love with Risk, not knowing exactly what he is. 

Coming to an agreement, things change when Risk must come clean about his true hellhound status.  When Kara finds herself unable to trust Risk, she must resort to desperate measures to find her sister. Measures that can get her killed. Will Risk be able to save her or will the evil Lusse win?

Oh what a tremendous read Unbound was!  The title alone was enough to make me want to read it, and as I opened the pages, I settled in for a pleasant read.  Pleasant doesn’t even begin to describe the utter amazement I experienced at the hands of author Lori Devoti!  Unbound knocked my socks off with its complete and unrelenting plot.  I love shape shifters, and Risk was my first hellhound; for that alone I fell in love with him.  Despite the cruelty he faced at the hands of his owner, he continued to search for ways to end his imprisonment.  His loyalty to and adoration of Kara was written in such a way that I could feel the emotions pouring out of him at the thought of his being unable to save her. 

Lori Devoti has a new fan!  Unbound is now happily filed on my keeper shelf under “O” for outstandingly wonderful!


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