Touch Me…Tease Me… by CJ England
Twilight Fantasies Publications
Contemporary Erotic Romance
ISBN: 978-1-934495-00-1
Reviewed by Tera



Gabrielle has worked hard to overcome the stigma of a bad reputation. Even if that reputation is a wrong as they come. She’s finally secured a contract with a studio in order to film her documentary on sensual massage. But when Clint storms in to her set, she worries that the image she’s worked so hard to gain might be lost.

Clint has no clue what to think when he walks into one of his sets and sees what looks like a skin flick being filmed. But when he sets his gaze on the director, he knows one thing for sure—he wants her. But does she want him, too?

I liked this one. I was able to sit down and read Touch Me … Tease Me… in one sitting, which is a nice change from having to pause right in the middle. The one thing that bothered me was some of the things Clint said to Gabrielle. I thought they were a little much for someone who is supposed to be practically consumed by another. Other than that, I enjoyed it. And the story gave me some ideas of my own to try!


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