Her Alien Lover by Michelle Marquis &
 Sex Machine by Cheri Valmont
Torrid Teasers, Volume 21
Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
Erotic Romance, Science Fiction
ISBN: 978-1-59374-835-7
Reviewed by Indy



Her Alien Lover by Michelle Marquis

One of the first things you learn as a new inhabitant on the alien world, Puma is not to fraternize with the alien species.  Jenna, a new human Biologist on the planet, doesn’t seem to care about the rules since all bets are off once she lays eyes on the AEssyrian Colonel whose rugged looks capture her interest and raises her libido.  Unable to withstand their curiosity, Jenna and Severin find ways to explore their mutual desires even as the powers that be start to question their relationship.


Sex Machine by Cheri Valmont

Teena Andrenas is given the profound honor of working on one of the renowned Zand pleasure droids and the chance to meet its master after she’s able to repair it.  She’s an unbreached female approaching the thirty-year mark and if Teena doesn’t find a male soon she will be forced into mating with a stranger. The creator of the pleasure bots, Zand Gorsend, is too busy creating and working his business to find time for simple pleasures.  He’s unsure what it is about the ordinary looking techie that has suddenly caught his awareness.  A mistaken identity gives him an unfettered look at Teena in all her glory and soon the pleasure expert finds himself finding a lot of pleasure for his own.


Teaser is just the right word to describe these two stories from the Torrid line that tantalized my senses with just the right amount of plot forged into a quick taste of erotic pleasure.  Her Alien Lover is a short story about a race of aliens that I found myself jonesing for.  The AEssyrians are brutal, horny and possessive to a fault with more bad habits than good, but every time I read one of their stories I feel myself sinking more and more into their world.  This is only of touch of what you will find in the delicious world Michelle Marquis has designed with alien warriors and the human women who can’t say no.

Following up with her own brand of pleasure, Cheri Valmont’s story of pleasure bots and the man who created them was more than hot.  Who knew a woman approaching spinisterhood could grab and maintain the spotlight with ease.  Sex Machine made me want to have my own personal android that I could use at my leasure.  These two stories together make for an explosive combination and I look forward to any upcoming projects these authors have in the works.


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