To Touch the Stars by Sienna Black
Liquid Silver Books
GLBT Sci-Fi (M/M and M/M/M)
ISBN: 1-59578-320-2
Reviewed by Sabella



The Talkirkís rule is absolute in the Cairn.  There are no challenges to his authority and all the people that are under his protection strive to earn his favor.  Traditionally audiences are held for a few days during peace time so the Talkirk can select a chosen few to be granted his favor.  Itís during one such audience that the Talkirk encounters a man of a clan long thought dead.  What has he come here to do and to what purpose?

Lucan has come to the Talkirk in hopes of saving the man himself and the people that he protects.  His task is made difficult by the suspicion that his arrival creates and the fact that his story sounds like it was spun based on a myth.  After all, everyone knows that the Purebloods died out a long time ago.

To Touch the Stars makes for an interesting read.  The characters are as fascinating and complex as the world that they inhabit.  Ms. Black has created a world that can be confusing at times but always exciting.  Nonetheless, as I read the book I felt that I was missing some of the background information that would have completed my immersion in the story. I can recommend To Touch the Stars for Sci-Fi fans that like some light romance in their reading.


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