The Wrong Christmas Carol by J. A. Ferguson
ImaJinn Books
Paranormal Romance
Reviewed by Katherine



Mr. Shepard had a simple prayer.  He wanted his tenants Gabby D’Angelo and Mike Archer to find love together.  That they would finally realize what he had known for awhile, they were perfect for each other.

Up in Heaven, Jack had made a mistake, and quite a big one at that.  He had intended on answering the prayer request with a miracle, but instead had made a significant faux-pas.  Then he compounded his indiscretions as he continued to blunder his way in attempting to make things right.

Gabby knew that Mr. Shepard was acting as a matchmaker, but even he could never have planned this.  After reporting her car stolen, she was surprised when the police officers arrived, telling her it was found and handed over a baby to her.  A baby they claimed was hers – it was even written on the baby’s bracelet.  She was Carol D’Angelo, daughter of Gabrielle D’Angelo.

Mike wasn’t sure what to make of the situation as the officers left the infant in Gabby’s care.  She wasn’t the mother, he definitely would have noticed the fact that she’d been pregnant, not that he had been watching her.  They tried to contact the right people, such as the social services and the hospital, but each time, the answer came back that the baby should be with Gabby.  Soon, Gabby started believing this, but Mike was a man of science.  There was no way that the child was hers, no matter what everyone else said.

Mr. Shepard was finally getting his prayer answered.  There was Gabby, and Mike spending time together and they had a little girl.  This made an old man happy.

The Wrong Christmas Carol is a wonderful story to read during Christmas or whenever someone wants to read a book that captures the feelings of the holidays.  The Wrong Christmas Carol was entertaining, especially the scenes showing the busy activities surrounding Jack in the Pray Care Center.  I enjoyed watching as the romance grew between Gabby and Mike and as they struggled to accept that perhaps a miracle had truly happened.  The only drawback to the story was that although it had the feel of a light hearted romance, the last portion read a little too dramatic.  I felt that additional poignancy was unnecessarily added.  However, overall this is a great holiday read.


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