The Warderís Djinn by Viola Grace
The Warders series, book 1
eXtasy Books
ISBN: 1-55410-630-3
Reviewed by Sharon



Albina ďAlbyĒ Ophelia Warder Lakin is grief-stricken when her beloved grandfather dies and she is left with greedy relatives and the bound djinn, Imaran Arov.  As a witch with a rich legacy, Alby has always relied upon Arov for strength and confidence, and Arov served as the main attraction of Albyís teenaged fantasies long ago. 

Cursed by his own father, Arov is bound to the Lakin family until there are no longer any Lakin descendents left for him to serve.  But Arov has decided the best way to serve Alby is to make her his woman, thoroughly and often.  Suddenly Albyís fantasies have come to Technicolor life and things are looking pretty darn good.  Too bad someone is out to separate them forever, by any means necessary.

The Warderís Djinn is filled with memorable characters set in an interesting story.  I was curious to see how Alby would address the problem of Arov being bound to her and if she would be able to free him. That is if she even wanted to.  I was a little unsettled by Arovís initiation of Alby to love-making.  But that rocky beginning didnít last long and soon they were rocking each otherís world.  However, they were faced with rocky times of their own. To find out how they resolved them, pick up a copy of The Warderís Djinn.


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