The Trouble with Allie by Lisa Andel
Liquid Silver Books
Paranormal Romance
ISBN 1-59578-303-2
Reviewed by Sharon



Allie is an elf who doesn’t fit in anywhere.  Her magical abilities are practically nil, she’s barely tolerated by the family who took her in when her parents died. To add insult to injury, her blood tastes like crap according to some vampires.  Ready to make a change and leave her hometown but a little afraid to go off on her own, Allie joins a pack of Rangers who agree to escort her to surrounding towns.  Rainth, the leader of the pack (vroom, vroom – sorry, I couldn’t resist), knows he’s in trouble once he meets Allie.  But the real question is whether he can convince Allie that he is in trouble without her?

The Trouble with Allie is a delicious romp, filled with misadventure as naďve Allie manages to get into trouble time and time again.  Unappreciated by her family and underappreciated by her friend, Allie has a hard time believing that anyone, especially someone like Rainth, would want her.  And want her he does, as do some others.  I love the ending and as the story concluded, I wished that I could find the same kind of trouble Allie did.


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