The Tribute by Beth Williamson
Malloy Family series, Book 6
Samhain Publishing
Erotic Western Historical
ISBN: 1-59998-447-4
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Brett Malloy is the most quiet of the Malloy siblings.  He likes to do things for himself without any help from anyone.  When he wins a ranch in a poker game, he doesnít even tell his family until after he takes possession of it.  Now that he has a ranch, he is ready for a wife and only one woman will do: Alexandra Brighton, the woman who broke his heart twelve years ago.

Dr. Alexandra Brighton spends her days doctoring and her nights taking care of her alcoholic father.   Working keeps her busy so that she doesnít have to think about him -- Brett Malloy, the boy, now a man, who devastated her life and heart twelve years ago.   When Brett is hurt working on his new ranch, Alex patches him up and finds out that what she felt for Brett so long ago has only grown in the years following. 

The two hesitant lovers begin to explore their feelings once again, much to the consternation of a powerful man that has set his sights on Alex and he isnít willing to take no for an answer.  He is willing to murder to possess Alex and it is up to Brett to someone find a way to keep her safe so that they can be together.

The sixth book of the Malloy Family series, I anticipated The Tribute like no other.  After six books you would think that the series has been played out and possibly begins to be redundant, but it hasnít by any means.  If anything, this series has become stronger and more powerful with each installment.  The Tribute made me put everything on hold until I could finish reading.  I could have been Alexandra Brighton, she was that real to me.  As for Brett, I have always been a sucker for a tall, regal, and quiet cowboy.  I knew quite possibly that if Alex didnít come around, I would step in and take her place.

Once again Beth Williamson has penned a western historical of worth.  Full of love, life, and family, The Tribute was everything I wanted it to be and more.  It is truly one of the best western historical novels I have read this year.  Beth Williamson continues to be one of my favorite writers and I am happy to note that there is yet another installment to this spectacular series.  Hurry please!


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