The Team by Lisa Andel
Orion Authority, Book 1
Liquid Silver Books
ISBN: 1-59578-318-0
Reviewed by Sharon



Saving mankind from learning about the existence of supernatural creatures, J.C. Bailey and the other members of The Team, nightly battle the things that go bump in the night.  J.C. is one helluva woman, who can handle the big boys – too bad she can’t handle her mom, who keeps setting her up with blind dates in the hopes that J.C. will soon settle down.  Not attracted to the normal men her mother picks, J.C. scares them off when she tells them that she is bounty hunter who kills her targets.  If that doesn’t work, J.C. shows them the arsenal she carries on her person.

Although there is no one man is in J.C.’s life, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have men. In fact, one man is Nick Corellis, J.C.’s colleague and lover.  Nick is a true player and J.C. knows that monogamy is not in Nick’s vocabulary.  J.C. is a confident woman – confident of herself, her abilities and of her sexuality.  She’s even confident that Nick will never change.  But one night, all her beliefs will change.

J.C. is hilarious; I loved her casual approach to life, work and love.  The scenes with her mother cracked me up.  I think any single woman could sympathize with J.C. trying to be respectful to her mom while trying to dump the losers her mom brings home for dinner.  Nick is a manly stud with some hidden depths and he manages to keep J.C. on her toes.  The one thing I couldn’t get into was all of the casual sex in which J.C. engages.  Maybe I’m showing my age, but I was a little bothered by the heroine getting busy with so many men, outside of the hero.  If you’re looking for some snappy dialogue, sexy supernaturals and a lot of hot sex, then join The Team.


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