The Stud Farm by Skylar Sinclair
M/M Erotica
ISBN: 1-59426-910-6
Reviewed by Tera



Dale has been waiting eight years to get his revenge against the man who used him years ago when he walked into the infamous Stud Farm looking for a job. Heís been spending those years planning out the perfect revenge and working hard to get there. Now, the time has come.

Preston, owner of the Stud Farm, is rendered speechless when a long-haired, blonde god of a man walks through the door to his club. The manís looking for a dancing job, and he certainly looks more than qualified. Preston vows to make the man his, no matter what.

The Stud Farm was a decent read although I was a little disappointed with the outcome. If Dale had been spending eight years planning his revenge, I would have thought it would be something more drastic than what it was. The conversation also seemed a little unnatural during some parts, which I think is partly due to the lack of contraction usage. The scenes describing Dale up on the stage were wonderful, though, and the author did a beautiful job in describing what Dale looked like. Yummy!


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