The Sheriff by Eryn Blackwell
Wicked West Series, Book 2
New Concepts Publishing
Genre: Historical Romance
Reviewed by Gracie



Lorella Constonce is trying to forget what she saw last night.  She tries to go about her business of running the local rooming house, but that is harder than she plans.  The sexy sheriff seems to be able to see right through Lorella and he wants to know what has her spooked.

Greydon Jeffries is the local sheriff, and he has just discovered a dead body in his town.  Greydon is worried that Lorella knows more than she’s telling and he is bound and determined to find out what it is.

Lorella is attracted to the sheriff, but that does not give him the right to boss her around.  Greydon has wanted Lorella since she came to town and he knows she is hiding something.  As he tries to find out what it is things heat up between them.  Will they be able to build a strong relationship that will last or are they both to headstrong to make it happen?

The Sheriff brings the Old West to life and I enjoyed my glimpse into Giddings, Texas.  Lorella is a strong independent woman who enjoys running her business.  While she is attracted to the sheriff, she is not sure she is ready to give up what she has worked for.  Greydon is all man and he knows what he wants and that is Lorella, but he wants her all for himself.  The Sheriff was a sexy read and I would like to read the rest of Eryn Blackwell’s Wicked West series.


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