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The Scottish Thistle by Cindy Vallar
Amber Quill Press
ISBN: 1-59279-629-X
Reviewed by Klarissa



Rory MacGregor will do what she must to save her clan.  Even don the garments of a male and become an outlaw.  When she saves one special man, her life suddenly spirals out of control.  Faced with difficult decisions and forced to marry a Cameron, Rory seeks her strength to find her way through these times of battle and betrayal.

Duncan Cameron canít believe his wife-to-be is none other than the one known as Thistle.  Keeping her secret and facing life-altering choices, Duncan welcomes his wifeís strength and loyalty.  But can Duncan and Rory fight the battles ahead as they find love together?

The Scottish Thistle is full of one exciting scene after another.  Rory and Duncan go through some harrowing times you canít help but cheer them through.  Emotions run extremely high, as their lives are far from easy.  Love, trust, honor and death are all part of The Scottish Thistle.  With a well-developed plot, wonderful secondary characters, you cannot help to fall into their world.


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