The Satisfaction of Celia Flynn by Sedonia Guillone
The Completeness of Celia Flynn Sequel
Loose ID
Non-Traditional Romance (M/M/M/F)
ISBN: 978-1-59632-455-8
Reviewed by Sabella



Celia, Robert, Patrick and Freddie are going to celebrate.  They finally have the cottage to themselves, without the restrictions placed by Celia’s mother.  When her mother is in residence the boys have to take turns in Celia’s bed and can’t be together as a foursome like they desire.  Now that they are alone, they are going to make the most of the time they have.  Will Celia be able to survive what the boys have planned for her?

The Satisfaction of Celia Flynn is a nice follow up to the previous story where we met them.  The sex is scorching and the love between all of them is felt throughout.  Pick up The Satisfaction of Celia Flynn for a nice sexy read.


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