The Sanctity of Marriage by Philippa Grey-Gerou
Liquid Silver Books
Erotic Historical/Menage/Homoerotic
ISBN: 1-59578-314-8
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Spinster, Sarah Adams, is content with her lot in life.  Past the age when most women marry, she has no hopes of making a good marriage.   Meeting lumber baron, Matthew Ingram, at a party, Sarah is surprised at the feelings this man invokes in her.  As much as she is attracted to Matthew, she is equally put off by his foul and nasty friend, Jason Sinclair.  When Matthew proposes, Sarah does not hesitate to agree and the two marry.  When Jason comes to visit the newlyweds, Sarah discovers that there is more to her husband’s friendship with Jason than meets the eye and she wants to participate.

Matthew Ingram knows that Sarah is a lady and so he treats her as such – with kid gloves.  When she comes to him with knowledge of his daily trysts with Jason, Matthew is at once horrified then amazingly aroused at her suggestions.  Before long the friendship of Matthew and Jason takes on a new partner, Matthew’s wife Sarah.

Wow!  The Sanctity of Marriage is flaming hot.  I loved how Ms. Grey-Gerou portrayed all three characters.  For all of her femininity, Sarah is a sensual woman and not afraid to show and ask for her sexual needs to be met.  As for Matthew and Jason, I liked to think of them as yin and yang.  Each completed the other and when you add Sarah into the mix, you come up with a historical ménage that is completely enthralling and well worth reading.  The Sanctity of Marriage gets a thumbs up from me!


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