The Rebound Guy by Jennifer Colgan
Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-308-7
Reviewed by Gracie



Lauren James is looking for comfort and a bit of revenge when she knocks on Eric’s door not wearing any underwear.  Lauren’s boyfriend has been cheating on her and she decides to throw caution to wind and act on her feelings for Eric.

Eric Reynolds cannot believe his eyes when he opens the door and finds Lauren on his doorstep and he really cannot believe what she wants from him.  Eric is a nice guy and this is generally his downfall especially where woman are concerned.

Lauren wants Eric.  Eric debates being the good guy and saying no, but he has wanted Lauren for a long time.  They share an incredible evening, but the next morning neither is really sure how to act.  Eric knows that he cannot be the doting friend anymore, because girls always seem to want the bad boy who treats them badly.  Lauren and Eric cannot stay away from each other, but this raises more questions, like is Eric just The Rebound Guy?

The Rebound Guy was a fun sexy look at what happens when you turn to your best friend in a moment of need and what happens next.  Lauren is a nice girl who tends to choose the wrong guys except for her friend, Eric.  Eric is “typical” best buddy type guy who has a thing for his friend.  I enjoyed watching Eric and Lauren find a balance between friendship and love.  The Rebound Guy shows that sometimes the nice guys do not finish last!


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