The Last Warrior by L.A. Day
Elloraís Cave
Time Travel
ISBN: 978-1-4199-0970-2
Reviewed by Klarissa



Dreaming of her perfect man, Tara felt his pain.  Only to save his life, Tara cast a spell to bring him to her.  She never quite imagined where Lone Wolf came from.  When she finds out, Lone Wolf wants to go back, can she let him go?

Lone Wolf, a Yahi warrior, is hurt during a battle with the white-eyes.  Next thing he knows, heís in a foreign place with a beautiful woman.  Thinking she only wants to try out a savage, Lone Wolf gets her into bed only to discover she isnít as experienced as he thought.  Lone Wolf finds his new life complicated, but can he can see past all that to discover his new destiny?

The Last Warrior is an excellent tale.  I enjoyed the history and the discovery of the Yahi warriors.  Lone Wolf and Tara are both intriguing, well-written characters.  I loved the hidden message in this story and I hope many people buy this book to discover for themselves what it is.


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