The Joining by C.J. England
The Peacekeepers Journals, Book 1
Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-1-59374-939-2
Reviewed by Indy



A supernatural element lives in the lower part of San Francisco, unknown to the humans that blindly go through life never knowing of its existence.  Created by a Power to bring together six leaders for a coalition destined to keep all of the supernatural beings safe from an impending war, Kira, the Peacekeeper, is the foundation for all that stands between the evil coming to the place where the unbelievable is real.  The first of the chosen is Gallegar, King of the Vampires, and one who holds Kiraís heart, he finds it almost unbearable to share the woman heís waiting a century for.  His enemy for her affections, Lucas, a shifter, brings with him a passion that Kira is unable to understand or fight.  Together all seven of the chosen will have to come to terms with their purpose and find a way to live in harmony as they fight against powers that would see all of their kind destroyed.

Where do I start?  In a super-sized story filled with superhumans to ethereal ghosts, The Joining, the first installment of a series that seems to have it all.  Action, intrigue and plenty of mystery wrapped up in a bevy of paranormal activities.  The Joining kept me on the edge wondering who would join the fray next, how would all the distinct personalities gel and most of all how all six of these hot men were going to share this one little woman and not cut each otherís throats?  I found it rather interesting that C.J. England didnít turn this story into one big orgy sandwich with Kira being the meat.  Sticking more to developing the background of the group and showing, very slowly I must say, a thorough picture of the team and how they will connect as they prepare for their official purpose.

I tend to like my stories a little faster with a lot more sexual intensity, but I was surprised at how sweeter things can be when you let a story simmer and work at its own pace.  So now Iím waiting and wondering whatís next, how will the tense triangle that is Lucas, Kira and Gallegar play out?  Will the other men remain satisfied with their current status or will jealousy, pride or some other evil emotions tear apart this newly bonded group?  Ms. England has an interesting world at her fingertips that I look forward to exploring as additional adventures test this group of supernaturals.


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