The Island by Heather Graham
Romantic Suspense
ISBN (10) 0-7783-2424-9, (13) 0-7783-2424-9
Reviewed by Amelia



Beth Anderson is set to enjoy a fun weekend on Calliope Key with her brother, Ben, her niece, Amber, and Amberís friend, Kim.  While there, though, she finds a skull, or at least she thinks she does. When a stranger approaches, she covers it up. When she goes back later, itís gone.

The skull reminds Beth of the Monocos, who disappeared from the area while on their luxury yacht. Some people think the couple is dead, a victim of piracy. Others think they are taking a trip around the world on their yacht.

Keith Henson is on the island with his friends, Lee Gomez and Matt Albright, to do some fishing and diving. Beth is very suspicious of the men, as she is of the other two groups of people on the island for the weekend. But there is an attraction between Keith and Beth that they canít ignore.

Once the weekend is over, Beth goes back to her job at a yacht club in Miami and strange things start happening. Keith and his friends reappear and Beth realizes there is more to them than meets the eye. But are they good guys, or bad guys? She canít quite decide.

The Island is an interesting read. I enjoyed Keith, whom I thought was the type of man who would go to any lengths to protect the people that he cared about, and to get his job done. I have to admit that Beth got on my nerves sometimes and I wanted to tell her to snap out of it.

This book is busy, and has a lot of characters, but I had no trouble keeping up with who was who. I enjoyed my trip to The Island, and, as always, look forward to Ms. Grahamís next novel.


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