The Hungry Planet by Michelle Marquis
Whiskey Creek Press – Torrid
Sci-fi Romance
ISBN: 978-1-59374-946-0
Reviewed by Tanya



Beth Shaw is not having a good year.  As a Nurse she had a hard time watching her young son slowly and very painfully die of an incurable disease.  She decides to put him out of the misery that he is in and helps his death along.  When her husband finds out, he turns her into the authorities.  She is arrested, tried and convicted with the sentence of life on a prison planet, working as a nurse.  Not only did her husband not show up for the trial, but as she is landing on the planet they crash and she is one of only 2 survivors.  But, along comes a man all in leather that is carrying an arsenal.  He says he is looking for Beth Shaw and that he was hired to make sure she gets to the station.  Magnus Stone is one dark mysterious man and while he has horrid manners, she finds herself thinking about him in hot steamy ways.

As Magnus helps Beth get the other survivor safely back to the space station, he also scares her with some of the stories about the planet.  There are bands of cannibals that roam the planet.  With very little food available, they have resorted to eating the slow, weak and injured.  This horrifies Beth and scares her even further.  But, she has to get to the clinic and she decides to make a deal with Magnus to get her there.  He asks one price only, which he thinks she will refuse, sex and lots of it.  She weighs her options and quickly agrees, much to his surprise.  After one night of steamy sex, she finds herself having a hard time concentrating on her journey, and Magnus needs her to pay attention.

Through the journey they will encounter those in need that Beth wants to help but Magnus thinks are traps.  Beth on more than one occasion will make him stop, as she has to, to keep her humanity.  Magnus is hiding a secret from Beth though, and one he hopes won’t cause her to despise him as he appears to be falling for her.  Along the way Beth has to keep her hopes up and asks Magnus about the possibility of escaping the planet.  She also asks that of the Doctor when they arrive at the clinic.  Will their relationship end when they finally reach the clinic?

The storyline, characters and planet are very well thought out in The Hungry Planet.  The story is fast paced and Michelle Marquis sets a wonderful stage so that I could picture what they were going through in my mind.  I thoroughly enjoyed The Hungry Planet, but I felt that the ending was very rushed and it made me want to know more of what happened between the end of the story and the epilogue.


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