The Discovery by Lynn Warren
The Curse of the Midnight Star, Book 1
Sensual Paranormal romance
ISBN 1-932866-17-5
Reviewed by Nannette



Special Agent Lynsee Frost works in the Missing Persons Unit.  She and her supervisor, Jack Navarre, are working together.  They shared a passionate night three years ago and it has haunted them both ever since.

Five girls have gone missing and a body has been found at the Scarlet Oak Manor in New Orleans.  Lynsee and Jack are told about the curse of the Midnight Star, then Lynsee is approached by a mysterious man who couldn’t possibly be alive after all this time.  As the unbelievable events unfold, Lynsee and Jack are thrown into an unsolved mystery that started over one hundred years ago.

The Discovery is full of mystery and suspense and the history of Scarlet Oak Manor is very interesting.  The Discovery has a passionate romance and a good storyline.  Hopefully in book two the mystery will be solved!


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