The Coven by Ava McKnight
My Immortal, Book 1
Liquid Silver Books
ISBN: 1-59578-269-9
Reviewed by Klarissa



The time for a new vampire war is upon them.  Rynon knows his match is young, but the Enlightened One says it is time to claim her.  Rynon, also known as the Real Estate mogul Ryan Donovan, has a piece of land the ambitious Catalina Bellasario wants.  Once Ryan gets Catalina where he wants her he can’t let her go.  For all their sakes.

Catalina wants the Lake Shore Drive property.  She’s to the point she’ll do anything to get it, even drop her morals.  Her friend, and mentor, Seth Hilliard, wants this land badly.  Catalina wants to deliver to him, but she has to wrangle it from Ryan Donovan.  Except when Ryan backs out of the deal, Catalina is thrust into the making of a vampire war.

With the action, fighting and love making, The Coven has it all.  There are sexy vampires who are fulfilling a prophecy and a mortal woman at the center of it all.  The Coven is a well thought out story with great characters.  The vampires are unique, but more than loveable.  I will be anxiously awaiting book 2 and 3 in this trilogy.


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