The Black Dragon by December Quinn
ISBN 1-60186-059-5
Reviewed by Amelia



When Isabelle is fifteen, she attends the wedding of Joan, the illegitimate daughter of King John, to Prince Llewelyn of Wales. She is thrilled to be attending the event, until she finds herself in an unsavory predicament. She is saved by Gruffydd ap Hywel, a brooding man she noticed earlier in the evening.

Six years later, Isabelle finds herself having to marry Gruffydd by command of the King. She is not happy with her situation, but knows that she must do as the King bids. After marriage, the couple travel to Gruffydd’s house in Wales, where Isabelle finds she is to be a wife in name only.

Gruffydd is not happy about marrying Isabelle, but he does so at the request of the Welsh Prince. He decides that it would be best to make sure that Isabelle wants to go home, so he fights making any sort of attachment to her. Gruffydd knows that Wales is a dangerous place. Two different factions are fighting and Gruffydd, in the guise of the Black Dragon, rides at night to spy on his enemies and to help townspeople and travelers.

Isabelle, however, is determined to get close to her husband. When she does she discovers that he has secrets and a past, that includes more than just the Black Dragon.

In The Black Dragon, December Quinn has crafted a historical tale that is full of suspense and emotion. I loved both Isabelle and Gruffydd, They are both stubborn, headstrong characters that are not afraid to say what they think, or do anything to protect the people that they love.

This novel is full of suspense that keeps the reader guessing. It is a tale not to be missed.


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