Tempted by Anisa Damien
Scarlet Ties series, book 2
Changeling Press
Paranormal, one scene of voyeurism
ISBN 78-1-59596-494-6
Reviewed by Sharon



Interior decorator Noely Lamont has a man in her sights and woe unto anyone who gets in her way.  As heir apparent of the Companions, Noely must marry a Deiwalker to preserve the royal line.  And as there are only two Deiwalkers left on Earth, vampire Cyrus Rayven is chosen to be her mate – too bad nobody told him or his pregnant fiancée, Ashlyn Douglas. 

Coye Rayven is Cyrus’ twin, and unlike his brother, he’s not in a committed relationship.  In fact, it would be fair to say, Coye is not committed to much.  But Coye steps in to handle the redecoration of Scarlet Manor, which is where he meets the sexy and talented Noely.  Noely isn’t prepared for her instant attraction to the dark-haired, dark-eyed predator in front of her, but she can’t resist sampling what is offered.  And even though Coye is the wrong brother, Noely can’t stop thinking about him, wanting him, loving him.

I was prepared to dislike Noely - she still plans to go after Cyrus even after learning that he had a pregnant fiancée – boo, hiss!  But as Tempted progressed, I started to understand the pressure Noely was under, trying to fulfill her mother’s wishes.  Noely did redeem herself in my eyes, and I wanted her to have her own HEA ending. Coye has his own issues to contend with but he seems to be worth the effort to claim him.  And I loved the appearances of Cyrus and Ashlyn throughout the story.  Their story is detailed in Taste, which I also enjoyed. So give in to your temptation and pick up Tempted.


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