Taming Delaney by Reese Gabriel
Ellora’s Cave Publishing
ISBN: 9781419909634
Reviewed by Indy



As Delaney prepares for an ideal second marriage to her ex-husband’s best friend, the reappearance of said ex throws her for a tailspin.  Rayf, once the Master of her body, was as explosive as he was detrimental to her peace of mind.  Nothing has changed with him; he’s still hopeless and sexy as ever.  Delaney’s wandering libido is raging in his presence.  Having come to stop what he knows to be a mistake for Delaney and Max, Rayf is unsure if it’s because he knows they aren’t meant for each other or the reality of a love he’s never gotten over.  With the clock ticking and Delaney threatening to send him on his way, Rayf uses their history and their bodies as a weapon to determine what is best for all them.

If you love finding yourself in a fit of heat and tingling all over at the end of a sexy read, then Taming Delaney is just the story for you.  Reese Gabriel has written another story of submission, control and ecstasy with the glutton among us in mind.  Delaney and Rayf’s emotional entanglement was heartbreaking to read because of the knowledge that with a lot of communication and a little compromise maybe their marriage would have worked.  Then the author tangling with the issue of infidelity and how, when there are feelings and issues unresolved, it is so easily to fall from grace no matter how honorable we all consider ourselves.  Taming Delaney is a riveting story, which not only provided tons of steam, but also left me wondering how I would approach the same situation if I found myself with the perfect fiancé but in love with another man.


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