Take Your Medicine by Arianna Hart
Sequel to Surprise
Samhain Publishing
Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 1-59998-107-6
Reviewed by Sharon



Dizzy due to loss of blood from a bullet wound in his side, an injured Jared Romero seeks help from the most unlikely person - a woman who, a year ago,  held him at gunpoint after she discovered that he broke into her apartment. But this woman, Macayla Sullivan, is a friend of his best friendís wife, and a doctor, and he has no one else to turn to for help. 

Macayla Sullivan is reluctant to begin her three-week vacation; she loves her job and this workaholic has very few ideas on how to occupy her time after the first couple of days.  Little did she know that that problem would be taken care of by the appearance of Jared Romero.  Jared has some bad guys after him, and a little thing like her presence wonít even slow them down.  Neither will Jared, once he realizes that his feelings for Macayla are reciprocated.

Jared and Macayla are good together in Take Your Medicine.  As bad-boy-turned-good, Jared still has some rough edges that are very appealing.  Macayla gives Jared a good run for his money, but I would not have minded if she succumbed to his charms a little earlier.  Her past plays into her decisions, and Jared is very understanding, more so than me because I soon got tired of her hiding behind her fears.  Take Your Medicine is the sequel to Surprise but I never read the first story and I didnít have any problems following this story line.  Take Your Medicine is an entertaining tale and because I enjoyed the appearance of the Surprise main characters, I will likely go back and read that one as well.


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