Surrender by Kimberly Zant
New Concepts Publishing
Contemporary Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Indy! aka Rachelle



The threat of losing her babies to her ex-husband leaves Anna desperate and willing to do the unimaginable.  After coming across an ad, which she’s pretty sure involves a little more than just a 9-5 position, Anna finds herself purchased for a six week stint at a home that she’s dubbed “the house of ill repute”.  Rules are set, contracts signed and payment agreed upon, now all Anna has to do is get through the next six weeks without becoming emotionally attached to her bosses or addicted to the illicit ravishments she’s starting to look forward to as much as her next breath.

Oh my!  Kimberly Zant is an author after my own heart. I feel as if she’s been roaming inside my fantasies of multiple male partners, but is able to bring the extra spice needed to take the most heated of desires to the next level.  Surrender with its all-star cast of men—some shy, most sexually aggressive, but all well endowed and highly skilled—then placing a sexually submissive and eager woman in their midst is the stuff dreams are made of.  This book kept me on the edge and wishing I had a man or two, or possibly three handy.  If you like your erotic romance raw and uninhibited by morals and societal standards, Surrender is the right book for you.  Just make sure to have your B.O.B. handy in case of impending explosion.     


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