Suffering Jordon by DJ Manly
Amusing Amanda Series 3
Liquid Silver Books
GLBT Contemporary (M/M and M/M/F)
ISBN: 1-59578-291-5
Reviewed by Sabella



Chase is just going through the motions.  Ever since Cassidy died he just can’t feel anything.  When he does, Chase just wants to drown in a bottle.  The possibilities of what might have been with Cassidy haunt him and he has been unable to move on with his life.  His days are all spent the same way… entertaining Amanda.  She is the only thing he has left, but what exactly are they holding on to?

Jordon has come to California to give Amanda some bad news…that their father has died.  Jordon decides to stay in the house they share because he wants to help his sister.  He believes that they way she lives her life enables her to hide from the possibility of a life with real love.  So he spends time with Chase trying to drive him away from Amanda, but he can’t help that by taunting Chase he is also getting to know him better.  The problem with it is that he likes what he sees.

Suffering Jordon is a touching story about loss, the survivor’s guilt felt by those left behind and the fear of the vulnerability brought by loving and being loved.  The book is by turns poignant, entertaining and sexy.  However, be warned that it deals explicitly with prostitution and voyeurism.


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