Stranger Places by Willa Okati
Torquere Press
In The Strangest Places Series, Single Shot
GLBT Romance (M/M)
Reviewed by Sabella



Rack is sprucing up his bike like a man possessed, but Daniel doesnít mind.  Itís a rare day off where they might get up to anything or nothing, but always up to sex.  So, Daniel is just enjoying the sight of Rack bouncing around like Tigger on speed.

Rack on the other hand is very busy getting ready for the special weekend that will rock their sock off.  Now, if he can just find everything that he needs to get packed and on the bike, theyíll be in business.

Rack and Daniel are back and just as yummy as ever.  Stranger Places visits with one of Willa Okatiís most unlikely but smoldering couples. This story is one of the sexiest Iíve read in a while and shows us what these two will get up to given the slightest opportunity for naughtiness.

I highly recommend Stranger Places to all Rack and Daniel fans as well as erotic romance lovers; it will wrap you up and leave you wanting more, but in the best way possible!


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