Stranger in the Night by Lacey Diamond
New Concepts Publishing
ISBN: 1-58608-987-0
Reviewed by Klarissa



Mysterious dreams of a sexy stranger have Kim waking excited in her new home.  When she tells her friend Jill about the dreams, Jill starts acting strange and swears there is more to Kimís new home than she knows.  But for some reason, Jill doesnít want to tell her.  Especially since something disturbing happened to Jill first hand.

Unable to get the information from Jill, Kim begins doing her own research.  But meanwhile, she has actually met the man in her dreams.  The attraction is swift and consuming, and Kim allows this new relationship to take hold of her.  As things begin to unfold, Kim finds out the truth about her house and figures out she canít let Tyler go.  Ever.

Stranger in the Night is chilling, yet romantic.  The quick pull between Tyler and Kim is felt from the moment they meet.  Itís great.  I felt like I should be sitting around a camp fire while someone told me this story.  It has a ghost story feel to it that I thoroughly enjoyed.  Lacey Diamond has created great characters to bring this story to life.


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