Soul Kisses by Aubrey Ross
Valentine Vixens
Ellora’s Cave
Valentines Day / Valentine Vixens / Quickie / Futuristic
ISBN #9781419909085
Reviewed by Delia



In a futuristic world, humans are few and far between. Human “scrapper” Rage is contracted out to work with a Linusian salvage crew. He has not had any human contact for years.  On a day in the far past the humans called Valentines Day, Rage encounters Tazney, a being of pure energy. She’s been trapped between dimensions on the ship the Linsuian’s are salvaging. The only way to free her and give her a corporeal body is through sexual energy.  Rage is only too happy to supply Tazney with what she needs.  With each encounter, Rage finds it harder to let her go. Will Tazney leave him behind once she has all the energy she needs to go home?

Soul Kisses by Aubrey Ross gives Rage back his hope and his emotions. In order to survive, he has locked himself up and never gives up his control. Tazney is able to give him back both through her unique talents.  He can “see” her memories and she can bring his back. Rage struggles to accept that part of him that he has so long denied. They each give the other new life. I enjoyed this Valentine’s Day offering. Love can conquer all.


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