Siren’s Call by Cassandra Kane
New Concepts Publishing
Reviewed by Tanya



Zalaban is a mostly water covered world within the United Alliance.  They are currently in the path of a deadly asteroid, which is almost the size of their planet.  Alarija is a beautiful land dwelling maiden of their world and the one who is told she is chosen to help defeat the “Sacred Eye” as the Zalabanians are calling the asteroid that is coming.  She has been raised to believe that with her powers and if her virginity stays intact she will be able to combine powers with the Masters to defeat the Eye.  The Masters are large water dwelling monsters/creatures and have some telepathic capabilities.

To insure that Alarija’s virginity stays intact, she is protected by an eunuch who volunteered for the duty.  But, he has fallen in love with Alarija and when the Allied Alliance shows up to evacuate the planet, he refuses to leave her.  She makes him go and once on the starship he tries to steal a shuttle so that he can return to the planet to save her.

Captain Gerano Lasalle is unable to leave anyone one the planet.  He lost his first wife the same way when she tried to rescue some of her biology subjects before her lab exploded.  When he meets with the prisoner who tried to escape, the prisoner is able to help him mind link with Alarija.  Drawn by her Siren’s call, he must save her and sets out to do just that, but to save her he must convince her that nothing she can do can save her world.

Siren’s Call is super hot and fast moving.  Cassandra Kane packs a lot into this story; from the descriptions of the water world, multiple M/F scenes and self-gratification to M/M sexual experiences.  The story line is well thought out, easily leading me to what lies ahead while also connecting the characters’ past.


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