Seventh Dragon by Tyler Blackwood
Eskarian Defender Series, book 1
New Concepts Publishing
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 1-58608-977-3
Reviewed by Sharon



Attacked and infected by what she thinks is a wolf, veterinarian Mackenzie Wallace becomes a demon wolf, and learns that someone wants to kill her.  Christopher Bartholomew is an Eskarian, an immortal Defender, and it is his duty to kill Mackenzie to save mankind, but he refuses to do so once he realizes that Mackenzie is his benekeda, his perfect, true mate. 

Mackenzie has a hard time adjusting to the knowledge that not only is she a demon wolf, but that she killed three people and one of them was her fiancé.  On top of that, some strange man she’s never met before is claiming her as his mate. Oh, and he plans to turn her, to save her from those who want to kill her - the other Eskarians and those who infected her.

I am sooo into Christopher - rippling muscles, kick-ass attitude and oh-so protective of his woman.  Mackenzie is a good match for him; she refuses to kowtow to him and her feelings of bewilderment, which leads to some mulish behavior from her, are totally understandable.  I have to admit, although I understood it, I did get tired of it at times.  But that did not detract from my enjoyment of the story.  Seventh Dragon is an engaging story and as you read it, you’ll be drawn into the Eskarian world like I was.


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