Servicing Lady Tremayne by Emma Wildes
Erotic Historical
ISBN: 1-59426-616-6
Reviewed by Indy



After being the proper wife of a much older husband, Tremayne has done all the proper things during and after his illness that left her Londonís richest and sought after young woman.  Deciding to take her passion by the horns, she summons Thomas Blake, a man who she noticed during her husbandís sickness with more than a passing fancy.  Thomas Black is a doctor with a low position in the family scheme of things and when compared to the lady Tremayne he is nothing better than a hired servant.  Her request for a no strings attached liaison is met with instantaneous agreement from his lower regions.

It remains to be seen if they will both be able to keep their word after spending one delicious encounter after another in each otherís arms and exposing Tremayne to some of the racier acts of passion that even in her most heated of moments she couldnít have imagined.

Ms. Wildes puts the ďWildĒ in some of the most erotic stories Iíve had the pleasure of reading.  This historical tale of a clandestine love affair between a couple at the opposite ends of society, provided me with another reason why Iím always on the look out for her upcoming projects.  Servicing Lady Tremayne is told during a time when position and suitability are held to rigid standards.  With the help of Ms. Wildes creative pen, Thomas and Tremayne found a way to still come together on their own terms, succulently enjoying all they desired and more.  Servicing Lady Tremayne is a great story that is rich with passion and one Iím sure will be enjoyed.


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