Seduction, Westmoreland Style by Brenda Jackson
Silhouette Desire # 1778
Sensual Contemporary Romance
ISBN 978-0-373-76778-6
Reviewed by Nannette



McKinnon Quinn does not want a woman in his life.  Casey Westmoreland is a temptation too hard for McKinnon to resist though, so when she shows up at his ranch looking for a job as a horse trainer, McKinnon turns her down flat.  When he realizes that shes hes only hope, he offers Casey a challenge she cant refuse.  Casey accepts, but living on the ranch next to sexy McKinnon is going to be hard.

Eventually agreeing to a no strings attached affair may or may not be the way to go, but McKinnon needs to keep it that way because hes hiding a secret that hes sure Casey wont be able to accept.

Seduction, Westmoreland Style is a story where the sexual tension is high and the passion is tender.  McKinnon is very sexy and Casey is strong and sweet. This is a nice story about acceptance and the power of love.


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