Savannah's Hero- Cover Art

Savannah’s Hero by Diana Bold
Cobblestone Press
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60088-111-4
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Tristan Kane is a man haunted.  Barely surviving the Civil War and the guilt over the death of his brother eats at him until he can think of nothing else.  Making his living as a gunslinger, Tristan goes in search of the man who can tell him whether his twin, Michael, forgave him for the transgression against him.  When he is shot in the back after antagonizing a man to shoot him, Tristan wakes up in pain to see an angel from his past. An angel he still loves. 

Savannah McKenzie’s life has turned upside down with the arrival of Tristan Kane.  Watching over and taking care of Tristan makes Savannah realize that she never stopped loving him, and hence, she has a dilemma on her hands.  Does she come clean about her marriage to his now deceased twin or should she let things lie where they have for the last ten years?

Savannah’s Hero is rife with emotions, and at times, I found myself tearing up from reading it.  Tristan’s pain at what he did during the Civil War was hard for me to read, it was so realistic.  Savannah’s choice to marry Tristan’s brother was not a choice at all, but a necessity, and I can see how she did what she thought was right.  This story hit me in the gut and wouldn’t let go.  I thought it was tender, often times poignant, and simply a tremendous read.  Diana Bold is quickly turning into one of my favorite writers!


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