The Firm: Rogue by Tuesday  Morrigan

Rogue by Tuesday Morrigan
The Firm, Book 1
Changeling Press
ISBN: (10): 1-59596-633-1 (13): 978-1-59596-633-9
Reviewed by Jo



Nicollet Edenton wonders what ever convinced her to agree to be Santa’s Helper.  Now she is in an outfit that is way too short, horny and not having the best attitude… all because of the person playing Santa.  The firm owner’s son, Kaelyn Lionheart, is everything Nicollet has ever wanted and even if she won’t admit it, he has played in several of her wet dreams. 

Kaelyn Lionheart wants to get up close and much more personal with Nicollet, but being locked in the office on Christmas Eve isn’t the way he would have planned it.  Close quarters and no way out make it a magical night for Nicollet and Kaelyn.  However, by the end of the night Nicollet will discover a secret that the Lionheart family holds very close.  Misunderstandings and fear of the unknown come between Nicollet and Kaelyn, now can they find a way back before they run out of time?

Rogue deals with interracial relations, but that is only part of what keeps your attention.  Nicollet believes that a relationship with Kaelyn is never going to happen for her so she agreed to spend time playing his Santa’s Helper.  Kaelyn knows that he has to get closer to Nicollet but Christmas Eve is not the night to be locked in – especially for him.  When nature takes it course on Kaelyn, Nicollet turns away. Time and the help of another help show her the way to convince Kaelyn she never turned from him.  I, in turn, found myself giggling and wanting to crack their heads together as Nicollet and Kaelyn’s story unrolled.  Mishaps and misunderstandings almost pulled them apart until it was too late, however, I was happy when Nicollet showed just how determined she could be to claim her mate.  Rogue is not the normal type of Christmas story, but it is one I found to be engaging and one I have no trouble recommending to paranormal and shape shifter lovers.


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