Restore My Heart by Cheryl Norman
Medallion Press
Romantic Suspense
ISBN 978-1-932815-86-3
Reviewed by Nannette



Joe Desalvo is at Mustang Sally’s to have one of his late father’s cars appraised.  Leo Desalvo was co-owner of Bloom Desalvo Motors.  Expecting a man, Joe is surprised to find the boss to be a woman.  Sally Clay feels she has to fight for respect because she is a woman and the survivor of a terrible accident that left her with a lifelong injury. 

When Sally discovers that the engine in Leo’s car is not the original, Joe and Sally soon find themselves investigating the motor, then Leo’s death.  What they uncover puts their lives in danger.

Restore My Heart has suspense, mystery and a sweet romance.  Joe is a great guy and Sally has a lot of heart and her talent with cars is very impressive as well.  Restore My Heart is a good story with a very romantic ending.


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