Package Deal by Nikki Soarde
Ellora’s Cave
Erotic Contemporary/Menage/Gay
ISBN: 9781419910500
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Tanner Reid and Celeste Ducharme have a very strong marriage.  Arriving in Jamaica for an ‘Anniversary’ hotel package deal, they look forward to rest and relaxation.  Having lost someone very special to the both of them has been hard to deal with, but they each hope that this vacation will help them come to grips with their loss.  Tanner and Celeste love each other completely and totally but that doesn’t mean they can’t love someone else as well.  Their only problem stems from finding someone that each is attracted to and wants to be with.  Their problem solves itself with the arrival of the attractive and virile Ben Jarvis.  Or does it?

Manager of the resort where Tanner and Celeste are staying, Ben Jarvis is basically living out every red-blooded man’s dream.  He has tanned, sleek and attractive women at his beck and call pretty much any time he wants them.   The victim of a past betrayal, Ben doesn’t open his heart up to love or emotional ties.  That is, until he meets Tanner and Celeste, and finds himself at a loss with his attraction to both.   Unsure of himself and what his attraction means, Ben has to come to grips with what he is feeling because he knows he isn’t attracted to men.  Or is he?

Package Deal is excellent.  It is emotional and naughty with just the right mix of sensuality that I have come to love when I read a Nikki Soarde novel.  I cried with Tanner and Celeste, and I needed with Ben.  I wanted to scream at fate for Tanner and Celeste’s loss and then I wanted to yell at them for decisions made in Jamaica.  All in all, Package Deal soothed my ménage and man loving heart.  I thought it quite wonderful!


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