Out for Christmas by Amelia Elias
Samhain Publishing
Genre: Gay Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-376-1
Reviewed by Gracie



Zach Meyers cannot believe he is on his honeymoon by himself!  His fiancé broke it off after she saw something she could not believe and could not accept.  Zach thought the vacation would do him good, but he has basically stayed in his room and visited the bar where he is strangely drawn to the sexy bartender…who just happens to be a man.

Mitchell Grey is a hotel bartender who has noticed the sad sexy guy who spends the majority of his time at the bar.  Mitch feels an attraction to the man, but he is not sure if he would be receptive of Mitch’s attentions.

Zach is attempting to deny that he is drawn to the bar because of the gorgeous bartender.  When Zach and Mitch meet up in the bar one evening when Mitch is not on duty a tentative friendship is started.  Mitch invites Zach to a party and when Zach arrives he realizes that all of Mitch’s friends are gay.  Zach is totally drawn to Mitch and they start an amazing relationship which quickly turns more intense than either of them expected.  Will Mitch and Zach’s relationship last once Zach returns to his real world or will he continue to deny who he really is?

Out for Christmas was a lot more than I planned for and I really loved it.  I was instantly pulled into Zach and Mitch’s world.  Zach is not sure that he is really ready to admit that he is gay, but he cannot fight his feelings for Mitch.  Mitch knows what Zach is going through, but he cannot go “back into the closet,” not even for Zach.  Out for Christmas was a tender story about how hard life can be, but that sometimes love can conquer all.  Amelia Elias knows how to write!


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