One Thousand Brides by Solange Ayre
Elloraís Cave Publishing
ISBN: 9781419910289
Reviewed by Rosemary DuBose



Janis Stone hurried into the bridal boutique, approaching the counter; she stated her name and told the clerk she wanted to try on her wedding dress.  Janis had attended her friendís wedding showers and danced at their weddings always looking for Mr. Right.  Now finally, after all these years, it was her turn.  In the middle of the dress fitting, an announcer came over the store speaker.  The arrogant voice stated that he was from the space ship Ecstasy of Generation and they required wives to replace their females who had perished from an unknown virus.  As soon as the voice cut off, dizziness flooded Janisí senses.  When she awakened, Janis had been transported to the sick bay on the space ship, and was being cared for by a cat-like alien doctor named Delos.

Dr. Delos had been appointed Official Liaison to the Brides.  He explained to Janis that the Terilian malesí survival was at stake, they were at the end of their endurance, they could not survive the four-year journey home to Teril without mating, and they would die before they arrived.

Delos had been fascinated by Janis, he had an overwhelming desire to lick her skin, but he knew very well she could never be his.  Taddus was a Primus, he would claim Janis before second rank Dr. Delos would be allowed to choose a bride.

One Thousand Brides is an adventure through space interjected with witty sarcasm.  Solange Ayre characterized Janis as a strong earth woman who knows her own mind.  Delos is a sensual alien who enjoys giving pleasure to Janis.  I have a fondness for cats, so I embraced Delos as my favorite. 

One Thousand Brides warmed my heart, and made me laugh; itís really good story!


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