On His Knees by Beth Williamson
Loose Id
BDSM Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-59632-376-6
Reviewed by Sharon



Once Renny discovers that the burglar she knocked out is actually her ex-husband, Nicholas, she realizes this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to discover why he broke into her home and why he left her with a broken heart.  So using her rock-climbing equipment, Renny hog-ties Nicholas and prepares to “torture” him when he regains consciousness.

She is Woman, hear her roar.  There were so many ways Ms. Williamson could have depicted Renny, but she chose to have Renny be a courageous woman who, in spite of her tragedy, has discovered her inner strength and sexuality and is willing to go after what she wants.  Her actions once Nicholas spies her vibrator are priceless and had Nicholas squirming on the floor (and me wiggling on my chair).  And Ms. Williamson managed to make me like Nicholas - even when I started the book ready to string him up when he walked out on Renny after 10 years of marriage.  On His Knees is a fantastic read, one that I will enjoy reading again and again.


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