Night Moves by Barbara Karmazin
Loose Id
Multicultural Urban Fantasy
ISBN: 978-1-59632-412-1
Reviewed by Indy



Jazz, a veterinarian and a sister with an attitude, but with a gift for healing doesnít believe in a lot of things.  Donít do white men, check!  Really donít believe in magic, check!  Now all she has to do is remind her body of that after an evening from hell, ends with her only mode of transportation has been lit up by a car bomb outside of her clinic.  Ossian, her carriage/cab driver, is hot but ďwhiteĒ and she just has to remind herself of that she donít do white.  As a wood elf who helps to protect his city for the preternatural creatures that roam the streets looking for their next victim, the last thing he expected to meet was a human healer with enough attitude and sass to light up his world.  Ossian will have to use all of his powers and her latent abilities to protect the woman he can see making his own, from the creature lurking the alleys of Thorne City looking for its next victim.

Itís always a bad sign when Iím unable to finish a story on the first try.  As soon as I saw Night Moves on the coming soon page, I knew I had to have it.  I couldnít wait to see how Jazz and Ossianís story would play out and how author Barbara Karmazin would explore the multicultural relationship between the heroine and her prospective beau.  Iím not sure if my jaded heart came into play, but as I read the story and watched the budding relationship between Ossian and Jazz, I found my mind drifting.  Iím unable to point out exactly why; it could have been the personality of Ossian that came across a little too weak-kneed at times for me, or maybe there wasnít enough interaction between the antagonist and the couple, but whatever the reason, as Night Moves progressed, so did my lack of interest.  One shining part of the story that I found priceless was the shotgun-toting grandmother who wasnít afraid to use it.  Iím a fan of Ms. Karmazinís work and will definitely still keep an eye out for her future releases, but overall this one just didnít work for me.


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