Nettleflower by Terri Beckett & Chris Power
Cerridwen Press
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-141-9908149
Reviewed by Tanya



Regan is a Lady of England and the last of her family.  She lost her parents and her betrothed all in the matter of a few months to either plague or injury.  With this devastation, and the unwanted attentions of her one time bother-in-law to be, she has decided that the best thing she can do is to take the veil.  This is not uncommon for women who fear for their safety and vow to never love another during the 1040ís.

Leofric has known Regan since she was a playmate of his years ago.  But he is surprised to see her when they are snowbound at his castle.  He is still in morning for his wife who died during childbirth and hasnít shown his estate the attention it needs.  But he is compelled to do so while Regan is there.

Leofric and Regan are comfortable with each other and seem to be growing closer together.  But, during the winter of 1046 there is a lot of unrest on the border between England and Wales.  The English think that the Welsh are nothing but thieving hoodlums, while the Welsh find the English to be bullies and robbers, to name a few things.  When it becomes known that the traveling bard in Reganís company, Dafydd, is actually more than he appears to be, will it tear Regan and Leofric apart or draw them closer.  Add to that a meddling household and a persistent one time bother-in-law to be and you have a fast-paced story.

Nettleflower is a wonderful addition to the historical romance genre.  Terri Beckett and Chris Power take great care in making not only the names but the actions of those in the story represent what was happening at the time.  I found myself drawn into the story and rooting for Leofric and Regan as well as for the bard Daffyd.  I thoroughly enjoyed Nettleflower and think you will too if you like tales from around the turn of the 1st century.


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