Narian Summer by Tianna Xander and Bonnie Rose Leigh
Cobblestone Press
Erotic Vampire/Menage/Futuristic
ISBN: 978-1-60088-126-8
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Herodes Kreios and Nicolaos Konstantinos are best friends and triad mates.  They are also living on a planet that is slowly burning itself to death. A planet that they need to leave if they and their destined mate are going to survive.  They’ve been waiting to claim their mate until they believe she is ready, but time is running out.  With some hesitation, but knowing they have to do what they have to do, Rod and Nico seduce their mate, Lania, with the hopes that the intimacy that the three achieve in one short interlude will be enough to last them until they can make a life for themselves in a new world.

Lania doesn’t trust easily.  More than wary of the male species, she is blown away by the blast of lust that hits her when she sees Rod and Nico the very first time.  So blown away in fact that she stumbles and falls.  When their hands are offered to her to help her up, Lania knows what they have done. They have claimed her for their very own and the fact that they are her mates is just gravy.  The bonding the men wish?  Lania finds she is unable to disagree.

The trio forge a relationship that is both steamy and often times sweet.  The men want nothing but her happiness, as it should be.  Will Lania be able to handle her emotions and wants after a lifetime of suppressing her desires to be loved, or will she alienate the two men who complete her?

Narian Summer is such a good book.  I liked the premise, I liked the characters, and I thought it a very good read.  Rod and Nico are to die for; totally male and full of testosterone, I loved how they loved Lania.  While they did their best to be patient, their turning her to their way of thinking made me smile. 

For a very sensual and different take on vampires and triads, Narian Summer should not be over looked. I adored it.


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