Missing Magic by Karen Whiddon
Dorchester Publishing
Fantasy Romance
ISBN: 10: 0505526425
ISBN: 13: 9780505526427
Reviewed by Lyonene



Things have gone from bad to worse since she was suspended due to being charged with misconduct.  Her fiancé dumped her, her best friend doesn’t want to talk to her anymore…and now she’s facing trial, all for things she didn’t do!!  Dee is a good cop, one that’s always gone by the book.  You’d think that the people she’s worked with for years would know that!  To find out just what’s up with her best friend Mick, Dee goes into his house to search.  The state of his bedroom and bathroom tells her that there’s something very wrong and when she goes into his garage, she meets a strange man that claims to be Mick’s cousin.  Dee knows that Mick doesn’t have family; after all, the two of them grew up in the same orphanage. 

Cenrick has been told that he needs to go through the veil to find out what’s been happening to his people.  There have been fae coming back from the human world soulless.  Both his father, King Roark, and the Mage, Mort, are convinced that Mick is at the bottom of the tragedies; it was his fae friends that came home devoid of soul and magic first.  Cenrick’s not convinced that he’s the right one for the job…he’s a scholar, not a warrior.  When Cenrick is in Mick’s garage, he meets Dee Bishop, a woman who claims to be Mick’s best friend.  Can she be a part of the problem that’s befallen his people?

I became immersed in Missing Magic immediately, it starts off with a bang and the action just keeps on going.  You have a gorgeous fae prince, magic, and a race against time to find out how the souls are being stolen from Cenrick’s people. Cenrick also needs to stop the villains before he loses more and then to top things off wonderfully, there’s an irresistible attraction between Cenrick and Dee.  For magic, mayhem, adventure, passion and love, Missing Magic is one book that lovers of fantasy should not miss!  I can say I’m really happy that I didn’t miss out on Missing Magic.


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