Mind Over Matter by CJ. England
Psy Rebellion Series, Book 1
New Concepts Publishing
Reviewed by Delia



Shanna Thompson was eighteen years old when she went on the run. She had to leave behind her family and everything she knew because she was different. Shanna is telekinetic and used her powers to avoid an accident in the family car .Although Shanna was able to help her family, she wasnít strong enough to contain the other vehicle and, as a result, a small child had died. This has put her on the wanted list of the Psychic and Paranormal Registration Agency. This agency requires all Psy to register their talents and, from then on, they were tracked and monitored. If they were considered too dangerous, the agency never allowed them freedom again.

Bryan Campbell is the agent assigned to bring Shanna in. Seven years have gone by with other agents failing to accomplish that mission. Bryan wonít fail. Heís the best in the business and tracking down dangerous and murderous rogue Psy will be his pleasure.

But things arenít always as they seem. There are secrets within the Agency and a rebellion of Psy is brewing. What will happen when the Psy Cop realizes that the woman heís falling far is the supposed rogue Psy heís been assigned to capture?

Mind Over Matter is the beginning of the Psy Rebellion Series by CJ England. This story packs quite a punch with its forbidden attraction between one of the most powerful Psy Cops and his quarry. Bryan is definitely an Alpha male. Heís powerful, sinfully sexy and used to getting what or who he wants, no questions asked.  Shanna has given up everything to protect her family from discovery. She has major trust issues and is very alone. How can she form any attachments to someone when she knows she will have to leave them? CJ England brings this most unlikely pair together with a searing attraction that is off the Psy charts. I canít wait for the rest of the series!


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