Making Him Want It by Renee Luke
Kensington Aphrodisia
Erotic African American Contemporary
ISBN: 978-0758214461
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



After three years of writing numerous, successful, weekly erotic stories for a popular menís magazine under the pen name of Gloria Cockin, Kat Mason has finally hit the

infamous writerís block.  Kat decides to look for some inspirational research at a popular night club where no one knows her.  Dressed in one of her sexiest, most provocative outfits, Kat nervously enters The Night Kitty determined to overcome her current rundown situation.  Loí and behold, Kat meets the perfect man who is not only able to assist her in overcoming her writerís block; he is also able to satisfy all the sexual desires she has only romanticized about through her writings.

For the past three years, Jamal James has sexually fantasized everyway imaginable about his superstar writer, Kat Mason.  Each week she unbeknownst seduces him with her writings and their email conversations.  Not really in the mood for yet another one-night bed partner but feeling very sexual frustrated, Jamal allows one of his co-workers to talk him into going to The Night Kitty to relieve some of his tension.  Here Jamal finds a very sexy Kitty who wants to fulfill each of his sexual desires in everyway possible. The only catch is that he must keep things simple by remaining nameless during their little mischievous escapade.  Jamal is all game until he receives Katís latest column installment and reads that it greatly resembles his previous night with the nameless sexy Kitty.  Could it be that his nameless Kitty is one and the same as the somewhat shy Kat Mason?

Warning!  Making Him Want It is H-O-T!  From start to finish Making Him Want It is filled with wicked, naughty, extremely erotic indulgences.  Jamal and Katís sexual interludes will definitely get your juices flowing and have you quickly turning on your fan for a cool down.  Each passionate episode between the couple was scorching, spine-tingling and orgasmic in nature. Both Jamal and Kat had personal issues to deal with which only made Making Him Want It more intriguing and spicier.  Kat was able to use her alter ego (Gloria Cockin) in order to blossom into much more secure woman; while, Jamal struggled internally with doing the right thing versus having what he wanted.  I truly enjoyed this reading Making Him Want It.  If you hunger for a down-right dirty, lustful, romantic story; then Making Him Want It is just the book to completely satisfy your appetite.


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