Knightís Treasure by Amanda Scott
Warner Forever
Historical Romance
ISBN: 0446618551 / 9780446618557
Reviewed by Amelia



Lady Adela Macleod has no luck at the altar. She was abducted from her first wedding. Then her husband died an hour after their second one. Tired of getting advice from everyone and seeking some quiet time, she goes to the roof of the castle where she comes across a man, well actually the voice of a man, who offers her solace. She doesnít know who the man is, but she knows that she is drawn to him, and that she appreciates his words.

Sir Robert Logan is a Templar Knight. He left his family after a fight with them many years ago. Now he has returned, and his family has been killed. He knows that they are dead because of a secret that he is privy to. A secret that might lead to treasure.

When Adela is accused of murdering her husband, Rob steps in to defend her. He knows that she is in danger from people who want to steal the treasure, and the Scottish crown. Together, they must work to thwart the danger, and find love at the same time.

Knightís Treasure is an interesting blend of history, suspense and love. Particularly fascinating for me was the bond between Adela and Rob. Their love was genuine and heartfelt and it warmed my heart to watch it grow, and to see them together. Also fascinating to me was Ms. Scottís use of history, and the way she wove it into the story.

Lovers of historical fiction canít go wrong with Knightís Treasure.


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